VICO - A "For the People" brand for 24 years

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VICO has become one of the most sustainable brands in Vietnam and is known as a “for the people” brand, strategically taking quality as its focus and determining its development by its internal strength.

In 2000, VI DAN washing powder - a brand of the the VICO Co., Ltd - was at its peak, accounting for a 50 per cent market share in the north. Vi Dan is still favored by consumers for its cheap price and high quality.

In 2010, however, in the context of integration, VICO began competing with many major competitors, most notably foreign corporations. Identifying the challenge in fiercely competitive communications and marketing activities, VICO began concentrating more on the essence of its efforts to invest in technology and innovation in production for high quality products. By utilizing advantages in domestic raw materials, plant systems, processing in the distribution area, a packaging savings policy and direct marketing, VICO has achieved its goal of reaching consumers with the highest quality products.

“For 24 years since our establishment, we have always considered ‘for the people’ in each of our products,” said General Director Nguyen Mong lan. “Every dollar a consumer spends gives them the highest quality products without incurring any unnecessary costs. Corporate Social Responsibility, in my opinion, is primarily for consumers, including a commitment to product quality and after-sales services, honesty in promotions and product introductions, and ensuring the health and safety of the community. Social responsibility is also the contribution an enterprise makes to society, strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises in the context of deep integration into the global economy, where ethical standards in business have become a must in each product.”

Determining the way to grow and further expand must be decided by VICO itself, developed by internal force. After its plant was put into operation in 2014 with a capacity of 100,000 tons per year, VICO has occupied quite a big slice of the market in all cities and provinces. The southern market, however, accounts for 65 per cent of its total production in Vietnam, minimizing transportation costs and expanding export markets to Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

In 2016, it decided to invest in building a new manufacturing factory for washing powder and liquid detergent with a capacity of 99,000 tons per year, at the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park 2 (VSIP 2). The factory officially came into operation on October 24, 2017. VICO currently has factories in Hai Phong city and Binh Duong province with a total capacity of 210,000 tons per year for washing powder products and 84,000 tons per year for liquid detergent products, for domestic sale and export, helping VICO accelerate its development plan with a revenue target of VND5 trillion ($219.6 million) by 2020.

VICO has become one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and trading cosmetics and detergents in Vietnam, with a market share of 12 per cent. The domestic market, with VICO’s famous brands of washing powder and liquids such as Vi Dan and VF, extends to all 63 cities and provinces. It is also exporting to major markets around the world, such as Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Cuba, Laos, Cambodia, Africa and the Middle East.

With its stable development and breakthroughs, VICO has won many awards, such as a Labor Medal Second Class, Vietnam Excellent Brand, and Vietnam Gold Star, and ranked in the 100 Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam and the Top 500 products and services in Vietnam in international economic integration 2011, as voted by consumers. It was also in the Top 500 largest small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam 2011, in an assessment from Vietnam Report (VNR500), and has received dozens of gold medals and gold cups for brands and products. The company’s General Director Nguyen Mong Lan received a Labor Medal Second Class from by the State President, the title of “Excellent Businessman” from the Prime Minister, and a national Emulation Flag.

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